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A lot of blackhat Affiliate Marketer banned…

A lot of people have been getting affiliate accounts banned due to this guy:

and this guy: (Wesley Brandi) creating this:

Joined StackThatMoney Forum

I’m lovin it.. :)
Rich of awesome contents
Meet awesome people…

I will review it later on this blog.

The Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs – I Will Add More If I found A Good One

I don’t wanna miss any gold information about affiliate / internet marketing world.
When I said “gold” I mean it’s really gold.

The blogs below are inspiring me, motivating, and give some great ideas about business, campaigns, life, and many more..

More than often when I do blog walking, read forums (including private forums), go from one blog to another.. I found some blogs that really have great contents and they shared it for free.

I think, the best way to remember is write them to my own site, in one post.

Here is collection of some bad-ass internet marketing blogs. They are all have great contents, most of them really inspiring me a lot. I follow them, joined their list and read their updates. (I will hyperlink it soon :)

Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Edward (

Affiliate Marketing Daily News


Tracking With CPV Lab for Cake Platform

Cake platform is now used widely by many CPA Networks.
For newbies, tracking can be a pain, because I feel the same thing.

This parameter can be use for Neverblue, Above All Offer, and many more that using CAKE as their tracking platform.


URL Offer (put this on your cpvlab): –>
Change s1 to s2

Postback URL (put this on your cpa network tracking link):
We are using this token ?subid=#s2# because we use s2 as subid.

Read more explanation here:
How to setup your CPVlab/iMobitrax’s postback url with CPA networks
How to setup your 1st campaign with CPVLab & iMobitrax

Best Way to Build an Email List (Not PPV, PPC, Media Buys, Facebook)

Just walking around on Youtube then I found this video. He (Bob Beckett), talked the opposite way what the most people said about to building an email list. It’s not with ppv, ppc, media buys, or maybe facebook.. then what? just watch this short video :)

It’s really make sense…

List building is a long term business, that’s why you need to build them.
But, you need effective way to build that..

FREE PPV School by DirectCPV – Great For Beginners!

Just in case if everybody don’t know that DirectCPV have a little course contain some tips for advertiser on their network.

It’s called CPVSchool

You can gather some beginner tips from there including tools you can use for free. Pretty simple and quick guide if you just started PPV traffic.

Simple Tips to Improve Your WordPress Loading Speed

Actually, I’ve read about speeding web load few years ago, but I think I don’t really ‘get it’.

Yesterday, while I blog walking.. I’ve just really realized the important of web loading speed after reading this article at I don’t know, maybe those article appealing me enough with the backup information from Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout article. This is about how Neil grew his Quick Sprout site from 121,311 to 244,923 readers in 30 days.

I'm amazed with this graphic. Lol

I’m amazed with this graphic. Lol

The most crucial things that they’ve talking about is your server. Better server will increase your web performance multiple times. This is my recommended server (also recommended by them too!): WpEngine.

But, I skipped about the server thing because I’m quietly pleasant with my current shared hosting server – Stablehost, the price is cheap, performance is good, with awesome support! (I’ll reviewing StableHost later). It’s enough for me and my blog which at the moment there are not too many visitors.

After that, I did more research about on how to increase wordpress loading speed with W3 Total Cache plugin.

Tool that I use to measuring web loading speed: Pingdom Tools and GTmetrix
Wordpress Plugin: W3 Total Cache

Here’s what I did…

1. I installed W3 Total Cache to my tester website.
2. I’m googling around on how to setup and configuring W3 Total Cache, then I found a simple tutorial from WPBeginner (How to Install and Setup W3 Total Cache for Beginners). I just used two configuration of their settings. That are “Page Cache” and “Browser Cache”. I just skipped about CDN thing (I’m lazy to setup that..).

Page Cache option

Page Cache option

Browser Cache option

Browser Cache option

3. Here’s the results..





Another legit wordpress optimization guide:

Protected: PPV Landing Page Techniques to Boost Conversion (Lots of Images & Codes Inside)

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Running PPV Campaign in Gaming Vertical (MMO Games)

Today I’ve found a good example for PPV campaign including landing page from Warrior Forum.
This campaign involving list building, so it’s really good for long term if you want to focus on your favorite niche.
The landing page is interesting, made me got some new fresh idea to run. I will add my own twist to this campaign.

Here’s I quoted the thread by owen2012.

Here is a campaign I have been testing over the past 2 weeks. Been looking for good converting targets and found a few. I have moved on from this campaign but if anyone want the idea check the images bellow.

The idea is to get the gamer through the opt-in lander to the games lander and follow up with auto res-ponder messages.

If you can get an opt-in that costs 0.15c, that would be 10 pops and get at-least 1 conversion per lead in 7 days of email follow ups you could potential multiply your money by 10X. Meaning $15 worth of traffic would bring in $150 of leads on the cpa networks.

These are the initial landers I split tested:


And here is the following page:

There is also mentioned Xenu Link Sleuth on the thread. Xenu is a link checker for checking working links on websites. It also comes in handy for scraping internal domain links for ppv. You can use Xenu to find targets within a domain.

Basically you can do this with Scrapebox, but Xenu is free.

You can download Xenu Link Sleuth here.